It’s all technical

When you want to throw your computer devices out the window.

Throw your hands in the air and say “It’s All Technical” then give us a call.

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What we do

It’s all technical provides computer services for your home. Ran by Jason Michalek who has been working with technology since 1998. Jason strives with solving puzzles in his free time and and solving technical issues in the real world. In a fast paced world it seems what you buy today will be obsolete tomorrow.

Why should you contact It’s all technical when you run into tech issues?

I like to make this an easy choice for you as I’m flexible and can either come to your location and provide service or you can drop off your device(s).

There is no reason that I should leave it to you figuring out how to get all your computer cords plugged in correctly. When my service is finished. I make sure to let you know what I did and answer any questions you may have so you can quickly get back to what you were doing for the day.

The next time you find yourself getting frustrated. Throw your hands in the air and simply says “it’s all technical” and give us a call. We will be more than happy to take care of your technical issues so you can keep your sanity.


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Let’s work together

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